Computer Lib/Dream Machines Reprint

Computer Lib/Dream Machines Reprint

Ted Nelson
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This copy is a 2013 reprint of the first edition in the original large, softback format. There are very limited quantities available. All sales go directly to Ted. 

Ted Nelson's prophetic hypertext (non-linear text) on the promise and perils of the coming computer age.

Across the top of the cover, a statement no less true now than when it was published in 1974: “You Can and Must Understand Computers NOW.”

Computer Lib/Dream Machines is two books interwingled. Computer Lib explains the inner workings of the computer to the layman.  Dream Machines discusses the potential of computers and predicts the future of artificial intelligence, animation, hypertext, virtual reality... much of what has come to pass.

Yesterday’s fiction was Ted’s reality and is now today’s reality.

This book has inspired many of today’s greatest technologists and entrepreneurs, and in some cases is the original reason they got into computers. And with this re-publishing, the hope is that this book will continue to inspire the next generations to explore humans, machines, how they relate, and how they could relate.

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